Monday Morning Coffee News

Happy Monday guys! A quick recap of what’s been going on in the land of coffee:

 The big news buzzing about this week is Green Mountain Coffee’s announcement of their plan to equip future Keurig coffee machines with DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology in order to “lock-out” the ability to use single serve coffee pods made by other companies.  – While they may think this is a smart move to give them an edge over their competition, I think this will backfire in a big way.  I love my Keurig and I love Green Mountain Coffee, but I also love artisan coffees (right now I use a Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter for those), but if I’m no longer able to use that? I won’t upgrade to a newer model Keurig and when my current Keurig goes kaput I’ll be on the market for a different brand maker.

– The University of California Davis (UC Davis) recently founded a coffee research center and plans to offer a major in coffee science in the future  – Oh, how I wish this was offered when I was in school.

 You can conduct some caffeine research of your own (with you as the research subject) with a free new app from Jawbone. The app, called UP Coffee, is available for iOS devices and can help users track their caffeine usage as well as let them know how long before they can expect to become “sleep ready” after that last dose of caffeine  –  This sounds interesting and I may have to download this for a more in depth analysis, I’m just a little scared to be confronted with how much caffeine I intake on a daily level (I feel this may be one of those cases for me where ignorance can be bliss)


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I run on coffee, books, and lipstick. I'm obsessed with Good Books and Great Coffee and love to talk about them.
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